Animosity by James Newman

Animosity - James Newman

This was a great horror/thriller, so thanks so much to Char and Gregor for recommending it; I had a great time reading it. Unfortunately it did fall a little short for me though; definitely not in plot, but in...wait for it, wait for it...yes…character depth! Here she goes again, I hear you saying! Sorry guys. As I’ve said before in reviews, this was only because it wasn’t very long, coming in at a modest 194 pages.


The story centres on Andy Holland, a horror writer who discovers a child’s body. Due to Andy’s career, suspicion soon falls on him. From this point on events quickly spiral out of control, culminating in an electrifyingly tense situation for Andy.


Events were portrayed so realistically that I was left feeling quite uncomfortable. As has been said, this is something that could easily happen to any one of us, so reading it was quite uncomfortable at times. There was an event at the latter stages of the book which was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve had whilst reading a book; this is another reason it didn’t score quite as highly from me. If you think about it though, it’s really a strength of the author that he managed to portray such realism that I felt the way I did. Maybe I’ll give this book four stars instead of three-and-a-half!


Like I said before, I had a great time reading it (until the uncomfortable end), but I wouldn’t say I was on the edge of my seat, flipping pages frantically as I bit my nails to shreds. I did really want to know what happened though, and I did audibly gasp at one point. As pointed out though, there was some dodgy decision making which made me question it a little bit too much.