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I thought a blog would be a great way to exchange book recommendations as I love reading and writing reviews. I've also started putting pen to paper, and have recently completed a creative writing course. Maybe you'll be reading one of my books down the line!?


If you want to share about what you're reading, or anything at all for that matter, let loose and go for it!

Reading progress update: I've read 50 out of 64 pages.

Spide: The Lost Tribes - Andy Luke

As well as finishing up this book, which has been so much fun, I'm going to read The Great Gatsby for square number 9, so that I've read over 200 pages. I'm going to a murder-mystery dinner soon and the theme is The Great Catsby, so I just thought now would be a good time to read it.

Reading progress update: I've read 22 out of 64 pages.

Spide: The Lost Tribes - Andy Luke

The protagonists are taking a trip on board the Belfast Enterprise train to film a historical landmark. I foresee shenanigans!

Snakes and Ladders: Update 3

Spide: The Lost Tribes - Andy Luke

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've been working quite a bit on my novel. Anyway, I finished My Sister, the Serial Killer and was subsequently able to roll 2 die and got a 3 and 4. This took me to square 9 which dictates I read a book where the authors last name begins with an H, I, J or K. I could find a book to fill those requirements pretty easily, but I want to read this book, so I'll just be rolling 1 dice next time. Booo!!! In the picture of my board below I've put a picture of a puffin on every square I've hit as I love puffins and I want them covering my board!


Snakes and ladders: Update 2

My Sister, the Serial Killer - Oyinkan Braithwaite

I went to the feminist book club (eventually) and this is the next pick, so I've decided to swap out my reads and go with this. 

The Sundial by Shirley Jackson

The Sundial - Shirley Jackson

I didn’t like The Haunting of Hill House, my only previous experience of the work of Jackson, so wasn’t hugely enthused about reading another one of her books. It was the pick of one of my local book clubs, though, (which I’ve yet to go to) so decided I’d give it a try, at least. As it turned out, I really liked it.  It was one of those books I enjoyed, but was kind-of forgettable, so I won’t leave much of a review as my memory is scant on details, seeing as how I read it a month ago.


The Sundial revolves around a group of family members who are all together in the family mansion-style home after the death of one of their kin. One of the relatives, Fanny, is out walking and is told a prophecy by her late father when she sees his ghost. He warns her that the world is going to end and the families only chance for survival is to stay in the mansion more-or-less permanently. This was ironic as the woman left in charge of the mansion had just informed nearly everyone that they had to vacate permanently, so this prophecy came at a very convenient time for them. This set the tone of what was to come, a kind of family-saga style comedy, nothing like my previous experience of Jackson.


The book was really quite funny as everyone prepared for the end of the world. What wasn’t funny, however, was the continual burning of books to make space for provisions in the mansion. This was clearly tongue in cheek as the house was massive, so goods could have been stored elsewhere. It was quite light on horror as well, the overall feel of the book being humour, rather than of foreboding. I think that’s one of the main reasons I enjoyed it, as I’m not big on horror. Overall, I liked it, but it’s not one that’ll stick in my memory, apart from the burning of books *shudder*.

Snakes and Ladders: Update 1

The Tenderness of Wolves - Stef Penney

I've finally started playing after finishing my Forster and rolled a meagre one last night!  I decided that I'll read only books on my actual shelves at home for this game and this fit the mystery square perfectly. The only board I could find had the coffee cup on it. I'm not sure if that's the official board game or not, but went with it anyway and inserted a cute little puffin to mark the square I'm on.





Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 240 pages.

A Room with a View - E.M. Forster

Finishing this one off then I'm onto snakes and ladders. I've loved it!

Dark Chapter by Winnie M Li

Dark Chapter - Winnie M. Li

Apologies for not putting up any reviews lately. I plan to write one for every book I’ve read recently and post them over the next few days.


Dark Chapters was a work of fiction, but inspired and based on a harrowing event that happened to the author when she came to my own city and hometown, Belfast, Ireland. It isn’t going to be much of an admonishment for Belfast when I say this, but it’s where the author was attacked and brutally raped. Of Chinese-American decent, she was living in London when she was asked to go to Belfast to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement, the peace agreement that put an end to the period of civil war in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles. While visiting she decided to go for a hike and was raped during this. I’ve actually been to the area she was describing, not that I intend to go back anytime soon now that I’ve been reminded of what happened there.


The book works in alternate chapters, from the victim’s point of view and also the attackers. What struck me was the bravery the author displayed in recounting the most horrific event of her life, never mind also writing from the viewpoint of her attacker and trying to understand his warped mind.


Much of the first quarter concerns the authors career and home life. She then comes to Belfast where the attack happens and this and the aftermath make up the middle section. Finally (and as this incident is true I don’t feel like I’m heading into spoiler territory here) there is a trial (in Belfast), with the victim being forced to come back to Ireland once more.


The chapters were quite short and written in a dark and visceral style, if that makes sense. I felt really close to the action as it transpired, which was good, but considering the nature of the book I think there should have been a little more distance for the reader.


It’s certainly not a light read and I doubt I would have read it if it hadn’t been for the fact I’m doing research for my new novel. I’m glad I did, however, as it’s extremely well written and attests to the human spirit and what people can and do survive.

Reading progress update: I've read 24 out of 240 pages.

A Room with a View - E.M. Forster

My first Forster and I'm enjoying it immensely. Lucy is charming. Oh, and once I finish this I'll start snakes and ladders, although I'll only get to roll one dice unfortunately.

Non Book Related

Hi all,


Just to let you know I'm taking a few weeks off booklikes as I'm feeling quite dizzy at the minute and the scrolling etc is triggering it. Audio books for me! See you all in a few weeks.

Reading progress update: I've read 86%.

The Sundial - Shirley Jackson

Book burning aside, I've enjoyed this immensely. I am wondering, though, where is the horror? It seems very light on that side and more a parody. Ideas, Tigus?


Reading progress update: I've read 70%.

This Is How It Always Is: A Novel - Laurie  Frankel

I'm experiencing a ridiculous amount of brain fog at the minute, so this book is perfect for now. That's why I haven't reviewed recently, either, but they'll come soon.

Reading progress update: I've read 67%.

The Sundial - Shirley Jackson

"I must go and find Aunt Fanny," he said. "We are burning another ten shelves of books this afternoon."



Reading progress update: I've read 54%.

The Sundial - Shirley Jackson

Mrs. Halloran laughed. "Perhaps I am an instinctive book-burner."


I know this is a horror novel, but come on, this is too much.

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