Nexus by Ramez Naam

Nexus - Ramez Naam

I love books concerning enhancement technologies, so when I read the synopsis of this novel, which talked about the nano-drug Nexus that linked human minds, I was really intrigued. I picked up the audiobook of this and immediately liked the narrator (which is half the battle with an audiobook), and was pulled in from the beginning.


I really enjoyed the first third of this novel, and even though the characters weren’t as fully formed as I usually like, the plot more than made up for this. The more and more I read of this though, the more character’s there were. To me, it’s not a relaxing reading experience having to keep up with numerous characters; so a book I initially loved, started to go down slightly in my estimation.


About forty percent of the way in, the book became completely action-orientated. I’m not a huge fan of action in books, but I don’t mind a little, however, this went on and on. Finally, after roughly 10% this ended, and I admit I was rather pleased because I’d switched my mind off during much of it. I don’t know what it is, but action just doesn’t grab me; it feels like needless filler a lot of the time. Alternatively, dialogue can help the reader enter the mind of the said character, whereas action doesn’t achieve all that much in my opinion- unless of course the issue of how gutsy the said character is, is in contention!


At 70% it became completely action-orientated again, and it continued this way until the book was nearly finished. I actually fast-forwarded my copy and the action finally ended at just past 95%. I listened to everything from that point on, and there wasn’t anything crucial I had missed.


During the first third I was already thinking about the sequel Crux, and considering reading it straight after, but I quickly decided against this. Apparently it’s filled with even more action- so if you’re an action fan, check this series out.


The plot also became a little weaker throughout. Maybe it was all that action, and not enough dialogue, which would have furthered the plot.


It was a pity that this was so action heavy, otherwise I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was going to get a solid four stars from me but it’s been relegated to two-and-a-half.