Verity by Colleen Hoover

Verity - Colleen Hoover

After a crappy month of not feeling the best, I'm finally going to get back to reviewing. Until I catch up (I've got quite a few to write) my reviews will be shortish.


I just finished this one and God, it really made me tense. The storyline was great and something very unique. The protagonist, Lowen, has been asked to ghost-write the remaining books in a series as the author, Verity, has suffered extensive injuries in a car crash. Lowen agrees to write the books and goes to Verity's home in order to go through her office and try to find notes that Verity may have written at some point pertaining to the unwritten books. Make sense? It's a little convoluted, but on the page it makes perfect sense.


While Lowen is at Verity's home she finds the latters autobiography and when she begins to read some horrid things come to light.


This book was quite a departure from the previous work of Ms Hoover. It's even been released as an indie project because of said deviation. The book, of course, was written in her truly immersive, claustrophobic, trademark style. I'd say that above anything else that's my favorite aspect of Hoover novels, how close you feel with the protagonist and how much they feel like a part of you.


I don't want to say anything else about the plot as this is a book you should go into knowing as little as you can to reap the full rewards. Suffice to say it was a romantic suspense that never let up. It was seriously creepy, so much so I had to set it down for a couple of weeks as I was getting so anxious!


A fantastic book with a small cast of characters that feels as immersive as it does claustrophobic.