24 Festive Tasks Door 11: Thanksgiving Day

Task 2: Tell us: Of the books that you read this year, which are you most thankful for, OR was there one that turned out to be full of “stuffing”? Alternatively, which (one) book that you read anytime at all changed your life for the better?


This has been quite a good year reading wise, although I haven’t read as much as I would have liked. This last point relates to one of the books I’m moist thankful for as I wish I’d have already read the sequel! I have something great to look forward to, though and if you haven’t guessed already what book I mean it’s The Handmaids Tale. It was hard to read at the time and quite dark, but I loved the perspective it gave me.

Something else I’m really grateful for isn’t a book, but a play, The Importance of Being Ernest. Because of that play I’m now in love with Oscar Wilde and will get to more of his work soon.