Nanowrimo 2019: Day 8

It was such a lovely day I decided to go to Holywood again and write in that florist/coffee shop that I stumbled across on my way out the other day. I went to the seafront to write as well.
Unfortunately I didn't have a great writing day and only managed 1200 words in total, but because I wrote extra yesterday I still reached my target. My total word count is now 13,337.
I'm going to the snooker tournament at the Waterfront Hall again next week (as I do every year), so it'll be a bit harder to write, but I'm going to try and build up a lead over the weekend to cushion it. Tomorrow is double-up day on the Nano site which effectively means trying to double your output for the day. On a usual day I have to pump out 1667 words, but tomorrow we're encouraged to write double that, 3334 words. Challenge accepted.