Bout Of Books Day #2

An American Marriage - Tayari Jones

Todays challenge:  Adaptation Aspirations

What book would you like to see adapted for another medium? What would be your preferred format? Movie? TV Show? Broadway musical? Something else? If you want to elaborate even further, who would you cast to play the characters? Who would you want to write the script/screenplay? Write the music? Direct? Are there adaptations that exist that you think could be better? Tell us all about your aspirations for the perfect adaptation!
I'd love to see An American Marriage by Tayari Jones adapted to film and guess what? Oprah Winfrey is doing just that! I'd like to see Zoe Scaldana as Celestial, Dule Hill as Roy and Dolvette Quince as Andre. I absolutely can't wait for this to come out. It wasn't a 5 star read, but something about it has really stayed with me.