Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding

I'm not going to put up much of a review as we all know the story (presumably) and thousands upon thousands have always reviewed it far better than I can.


The book follows Bridget, a thirty-something who's navigating life and it's tribulations; family, relationships, her weight. I enjoyed it and liked the diary format, for a while, although it became boring quickly, as did her perpetual need to lose weight. I understand why she wanted to be thinner, the pressures of society etc, but it became a little tedious.


I think I enjoyed some of the secondary characters a bit more, although they had little substance unfortunately. Sharon, or Shazza, was a great character, a raging feminist who hated men's fuckwittage. Love that word! I would have liked to have known a bit more about her, outside of the fact she was a feminist and Bridget's friend. The same could be said for Jude and Tom who were only really fleshed out at all due to their choice of partner.


As the diary format got a little tiresome for me I won't be reading another and I really dislike Hugh Grant, so I won't be watching the film, either. I wouldn't have picked it up if it hadn't been the pick of a RL book club I was meant to be going to (but never did), although I enjoyed it.