On Every Street by Karina Halle

On Every Street  - Karina Halle

I picked this for my free Friday read last week and I was so looking forward it. It’s the prequel to the Sins and Needles trilogy, of which I reviewed the first book yesterday. This book takes us back to Ellie’s past where we get to know the infamous Javier, the antagonist in Sins and Needles. In that book we don’t see Javier, but we’re told about him through Ellie and we’re led to believe he’s a pretty wretched guy. Javier was a man Ellie previously had a relationship with that ended badly. He shows up at the end of Sins and Needles and becomes part of the love triangle that is Ellie, Camden and Javier.


It ended up that I pretty much hated most of this novella. The plot was okay at the beginning,  but then it became a love story between Ellie and Javier. I fell in love with the story of Sins and Needles, the romance element being tagged on to the end. But in On Every Street there was hardly any plot. It was too much of a change for me and not what I was expecting.


Then there were the characters. Ellie was completely different to what she was in Sins and Needles. I get that the events in the novella were supposed to be one of the reasons that she became what she did, but the difference was too stark. She wasn’t even vaguely similar to the Ellie from Sins and Needles. I felt like I was reading about someone else entirely.


Then there was Javier. Oh my God! What a world class prick! He was so smarmy it was ridiculous. Every time he opened his mouth I cringed. And we were supposed to believe he had women dropping at his feet!? Ugh, he was hideous. I loved Sins and Needles but now I’m not going to continue with the trilogy because I can’t bear to read another bit of smarmy drivel that comes out of his mouth.


Oh and I don’t want to forget to mention the cheese. It reeked! Just don’t do it to yourself, don’t read this!


I read this for my free Friday read and really wish I hadn’t.