Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - Maria Semple

I’d had this book on my kindle for ages and when Char mentioned it and said her friend who never says anything is delightful, described it as exactly that,I thought I have to give this a go.


The story is set in Seattle and is basically about the disappearance of Bernadette, if you hadn’t already guessed that by the title. At the start we meet Bernadette’s daughter Bee who narrates parts of the story, while the rest is a collection of e-mail’s and notes. I loved this style of narrative, it made the story more unique and fun.


Bernadette, the protagonist, felt so real. She was flawed and a bit of an ass at times who did some really stupid things, but I could forgive all that because she was so damn funny. It was this humour that was one of the main reasons I kept reading, even when she drove me mad!


There were several side characters who helped make this even more fun, such as Audrey (the arch nemesis of Bernadette), Soo-lin who had a crush on Bernadette's husband and Ollie O who worked at Bee’s school.


Regardless of the humour the story still managed to touch on themes such as anxiety and mother-daughter relationships. The book felt light, but underneath it had an importance that means it'll stay with me far longer than it would have.


I did have to suspend my disbelief a few times, but strangely this didn’t detract from my enjoyment as it usually would. For me, some of the more ludicrous events seemed to add to the story. Don’t ask me how that happened! I can only assume it’s the strength of the author.