The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief  - Rick Riordan

I started this a couple of months ago, right after I finished the HP series. I got a quarter of the way in and then hurled it across the room- figuratively speaking because it was on my kindle!- when I realised it was nothing like HP! It stayed in the back of my mind since that day, though, and I kept wondering how Percy got on, so I picked it back up, dusted it down and dove in again.

This is YA fantasy that tells the story of Percy Jackson. When we meet him at the beginning of the book he’s just a regular kid, trying not to get in trouble with his teachers for the billionth time that year. When his mom finds out about the weird things that have been going on at his school, she thinks it’s time that he learned the truth about who he is. I don’t want to say any more and risk ruining it for anyone, so I’ll just say that when Percy finds out who and what he is, his life changes immeasurably.

The writing flowed really well and the characters nearly came off the page. I loved Percy and his friends a lot; they made the book for me. I’m not hugely into fantasy, but if the characters are likeable, I can get past it and although this wasn’t on a level with HP in that regard, or anywhere else for that matter, I still really enjoyed it. I’ve had a fair amount of crap in my head lately and books like this help take my mind off it for a bit.