Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

So much has been said about this book that I don’t feel I can significantly add to it, but I’ll give you all my two cents anyway!


If you don’t know the story of Harry Potter by now I’m extremely worried about you, because unless you’ve been locked up, you couldn’t have helped but hear! So, I’d pretty much stake my life on the fact that you know that Harry Potter is a wizard. At the start of the book he doesn’t know this, however, but soon learns of it when the loveable giant Hagrid seeks him out. He’s then taken to Hogwarts School by Hagrid, where he learns how to use his magical abilities, alongside his new friends, Ron and Hermione. Of course he also gets caught up in an adventure or two along the way.


I resisted and resisted this series for years, along with the films, and decided I couldn’t possibly like some story about witches and wizards! I’ve had a fair bit of crap going on lately, though, and was told quite firmly that this was the book to read if I wanted cheered up. I’m very happy to say that it did indeed cheer me up and I was completely and utterly wrong in my belief that I wouldn’t enjoy it. I loved it so much, in fact, that I’ve moved onto book two right away and am not particularly motivated to read anything else because this book makes me so happy. Alright, alright, I’ll stop swooning over this book! Oh wait, I can’t, I haven’t finished my review! He he! *rubs hands together in glee*


Harry was a fantastic character, as were his best friends Ron and Hermione. Even Harry’s arch enemy, Malfoy, was really well done and his edition served well to balance the relationship between good and bad. The characters were what made this book for me, but in saying that, the plot wasn’t shabby either and there were a couple of tense moments, well, not so tense really because I knew Harry would be alright as he features in six more books! As much as the focus was on good, there was enough of the not-so-good, be it in plot or character, to balance things perfectly.


Another thing to mention is that even though this is a book about children, it’s not one that’s solely for them. It’s something that can be read by anyone, of any age and will be equally enjoyed.


The only problem with this book is something that wasn’t the fault of the book at all. It was that even though I hadn’t watched the films, I still knew what actors played which roles. Therefore, my imagination was a bit skewed as I kept seeing the likes of Robbie Coltrane as Snitch, Emma Watson as Hermione etc. This really didn’t affect things hugely though and I would urge you to read it if you haven’t.