Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards

Because She Loves Me - Mark Edwards

This was the perfect read for me right now-easy to fall into and stay immersed in.


Written in the first-person, the book is told in the past-tense as Andrew recounts all that has happened to him.


Because she Loves me is a story about jealousy, obsession and murder. Our protagonist Andrew, meets a woman called Charlie and they start dating. At first everything seems fine, but then things start to happen, small at first, but then bigger and impossible to ignore. As is typical of this type of psychological thriller, it’s impossible for me to say much more without spoiling the story.

I got into this one really quickly and stayed there. Andrew was a great protagonist and I loved him. I empathised with Charlie as well, which helped my enjoyment, I feel. The characters, while not complex, definitely had enough depth to sustain this novel. I think that’s a key strength of Mark Edwards, his ability to create believable characters. Aside from Andrew and Charlie, I really liked Tilly, Andrew’s sister, who’s confined to a wheelchair.


I didn’t find myself biting my nails furiously or anything like that while reading, but it did distract me, taking my mind completely off everything else going on in my life and I really wanted to know what happened. The plot went along at a steady pace and enough happened that I was never bored. Chapters weren’t too long either, which is always a plus for me and there were a few cliff hangers at the end of some of these. There weren’t too many twists, they were more subtle except when getting to the last 10%. A lot of people have said the last 10% of the book was too over the top and unneeded. To be honest, they’re right, and while it was OK, it did detract from the book a bit.


Overall I enjoyed this one, but it’s not something I’ll be thinking about or has made any lasting impression on me. If you want something light and immersive though, this is the kind of book you want.