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I thought a blog would be a great way to exchange book recommendations as I love reading and writing reviews. I've also started putting pen to paper, and have recently completed a creative writing course. Maybe you'll be reading one of my books down the line!?


If you want to share about what you're reading, or anything at all for that matter, let loose and go for it!






Bout Of Books Day #3

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - Maria Semple Asking for it - Louise T. O'Neill F*ck Love - Tarryn Fisher,  Madison Seidler Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McGuire The Travelling Cat Chronicles - Hiro Arikawa Conversations with Friends - Sally Rooney

Here's the challenge for day 3:


Pick your favorite book and recreate it OR reimagine the cover either live (with yourself or a willing participant as the cover art) or drawing, sculpture, crafts, painting, etc.


There were so many I liked that I put up 6! I'll give a brief summary of each one.


  • Where'd You Go Bernadette


I like the simplistic nature of this one and I love that shade of green, so soothing.


Asking For It


The plastic image of the doll relates so much about this book and the way woman are objectified. It really speaks to me.


F*ck Love


Tarryn Fisher's covers are lovely, but this one stands out as beautiful


Every Heart A Doorway


What's not to love about this image?


The Travelling Cat Chronicles


I love cats and snow, so it's a perfect combination


Conversations with Friends


This cover is so vibrant and simple. I love it.



Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Fleishman Is in Trouble - Taffy Brodesser-Akner

I'm really starting to love this book. It's funny and extremely thought provoking.


It was all such an insult, the Hamptons. It was an insult to economic disparity. It was an insult to leading a good life and asking hard questions about what one should sacrifice in the name of decency. It was an insult to having enough- to knowing that there was such a thing as enough. Inside those houses weren't altruistic, good people whom fortune had smiled down on in exchange for their kind acts and good works. No, inside those columned, great-lawned homes were pirates for whom there was never enough. There was never enough money, goods, clothing, safety, security, club memberships, bottles of old wine. There was not a number at which anyone said, 'I have a good life. I'd like to see if I can help someone else have a good life.' These were criminals- yes, most of them were real, live criminals. Not always with jailable offenses, but certainly morally abhorrent one's. They had offshore accounts or they underpaid their assistants or they didn't pay taxes on their housekeepers or they were NRA members.

Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays - Oscar Wilde, Richard Allen Cave

For bout-of-books I've decided to read all 9 of Oscar Wilde's plays. Yesterday I read The Importance of Being Ernest, which I loved. Today I read A Florentine Tragedy, which I didn't like so much but appreciated. Tonight I plan to read A Woman of No Importance.



Fancy reading the first chapter of my new novel?

Guess what guys, I just joined this website where I've published the first chapter of my novel and you can read it too. I can't remember how to inset links, so I've just put it here:https://www.inkitt.com/stories/drama/358942?utm_source=share_author&fbclid=IwAR27Qy71w3sCBy1Y-anFSJ4mQG7bhV8bdLAtLvZbLZz7LOHbVIlNF1Yk-7Q


 Thanks everyone!


Bout Of Books Day #2

An American Marriage - Tayari Jones

Todays challenge:  Adaptation Aspirations

What book would you like to see adapted for another medium? What would be your preferred format? Movie? TV Show? Broadway musical? Something else? If you want to elaborate even further, who would you cast to play the characters? Who would you want to write the script/screenplay? Write the music? Direct? Are there adaptations that exist that you think could be better? Tell us all about your aspirations for the perfect adaptation!
I'd love to see An American Marriage by Tayari Jones adapted to film and guess what? Oprah Winfrey is doing just that! I'd like to see Zoe Scaldana as Celestial, Dule Hill as Roy and Dolvette Quince as Andre. I absolutely can't wait for this to come out. It wasn't a 5 star read, but something about it has really stayed with me.



Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays - Oscar Wilde, Richard Allen Cave

I've finished the first of my reads for bout-of-books, well, it was an audio production. Anyway, I loved the play. I haven't read Wilde's other plays, but this was the only book in the catalogue I could find to represent it. Anyway, I loved it! Bout-of-books is off to a great start.


Bout Of Books Day #1

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays - Oscar Wilde, Richard Allen Cave Fleishman Is in Trouble - Taffy Brodesser-Akner The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken - The Secret Barrister The Rotters' Club - Jonathan Coe

It may be a bit ambitious, but I'm hoping to finish all these books this week for Bout of Books, plus a slim guide to the workings of the economy by Yanis Varofakis that's not in the catalogue. Even if I don't finish them all a few done would be great. I was just ironing and listening to the BBC adaption of The Importance of Being Ernest (Oscar Wilde). I'm nearly finished it and it's proving fantastic, with performances from Judi Dench and Colin Firth. I'll have that finished by tonight.


The challenge today, introduce yourself in six words:


Words abound today, why not always?



Currently reading

The Rotters' Club by Jonathan Coe
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Fleishman Is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner
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The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays by Oscar Wilde, Richard Allen Cave
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Talking to My Daughter About the Economy: or, How Capitalism Works-and How It Fails: or, How Capitalism Works-and How It Fails by Yanis Varoufakis
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The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How It's Broken by The Secret Barrister
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