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Stress Management For Dummies - Allen Elkin

Here's a not-so funny story about when I started this book a few days ago and was trying to stay stress-free...


I regrettably had to discontinue the book club I started over a year ago because of health problems. We met every four weeks or so in Belfast. I was quite upset by this because book club was important to me and I hadn’t wanted to give it up. I told everyone that I’d be quite happy for them to continue it on without me, but none of them seemed keen.


Then a few days ago I was looking at a website called Gumtree where anyone can place advertisements for local groups e.g. book clubs, social meetings etc. While scrolling through it, I saw an advertisement there that sounded suspiciously like my old book club. The ad was placed to recruit new members it seemed.


I called my friend shortly after I discovered this and found out that she had in-fact started up my old book club again without telling me! They had all met in Belfast a few days previously. I don’t have to tell you that my stress levels went through the roof at that point! I was really annoyed that I hadn’t been told that they were meeting, as this way, it felt like it was done behind my back. I wish she had just told me, instead of letting me find out myself. I never did get an explanation why she didn't.


What it meant anyway, is that I got quite stressed when I was trying to stay calm, which is not what I wanted at all. Talk about irony! I’m having another go at this book now and hopefully I’ll stay calm.