Utterly amasing!

The Shock of the Fall - Nathan Filer

Well I let the everything this book gave me sink in, and I think it's about time to leave a



What can I say? Well first off if you like character driven books this is a prime example. Every character that was introduced to us was much more than simply two dimensional. Matt especially was a complex character who evoked much emotion from myself. His insights alone were enough to endear me to him, but with every piece of prime fiction, there was of course much more. He characterised how I personally feel, as I unfortunately have Multiple Sclerosis and am frequently unwell. He talked about how illness makes you selfish and that's exactly how I feel at times. Every great book will have a part of it that feels as if it was written especially for them, and this was it for me. ,

Mental illness was tackled in a unique way here, and opened my eyes more fully to the inner struggles these people feel. There was a lot that is generaly described by such people, but also a lot that's not, giving the reader a unique insight.


As the book went on I became more and more invested in Matt emotionally, and came to love all the subsequent characters uniquely. I especially felt for Matt's mother. Her grief was handled in such a way that it felt as if it was with effortless ease that she was communicated on the page. What I mean is, grief is such a complex emotion that it is not easy to communicate, but it didn't feel like that here.


My only problem with this book is that it was far too short. After two months of only average reads, I just didn't want to give this book up! I actually think I'll read it again pretty soon!  Anyway to finish I'll quote Jane Austin...