Nanowrimo 2019: Day 19

As soon as I got up this morning I started study and for most of today I continued with that.
This evening, what with the televised election debate (there's an election coming up in the U.K), I didn't get much time to write. I did get 614 words, though.
What with all this philosophy study and an essay due on the 6th of December I really don't know if I'm going to continue with the goal of reaching 50K. I'll still go to the rest of the Nano events in Belfast and continue to write as much as I can, but I'm really not sure whether to continue with the 50K goal. I'll need to make my mind up very soon, because I'm getting further and further behind. I think I'll just try to get as many words down as possible, but concentrate on my degree. Any thoughts welcome.