Nanowrimo 2019: Day 6

Today I went to Holywood, a costal town outside Belfast, and while I was there I wrote a little and stumbled across this lovely florist/coffee shop that I *have* to write in. It was only on my way out of Holywood that I found it and by then it was closing, so I couldn't write there and inhale the gorgeous scent of the flowers. I suggested the place to my writing friends as a possible spot for a write-in later this month, so I'll get back soon.
Anyway, I wrote in Holywood (at a different coffee shop), on the train and when I got home and guess what, I broke 10K! I've now written 10117 words. I'm a fifth of the way there! I'm more than pleased that I've managed to stay on top of nano this year and have met the target every day. I said yesterday I hoped to write extra words today, but I'll try for that tomorrow when I go to the South Belfast Writing Group for a nano write-in.