The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient - Helen Hoang

I’ve been hearing good things about this book lately and after a pretty epic read I needed something light and fluffy. The Guardian book review section mentioned it and since they’ve always been accurate in the past, I dived in.


The Kiss Quotient is about a thirty-year-old woman called Stella who’s an econometrist. She’s a whizz where math is concerned, but when it comes to social interactions she has difficulty, namely due to her Autism. When her mother suggests she gets a boyfriend, mainly due to the intrinsic desire to have grandchildren, Stella employs an escort to teach her how to perform in the bedroom. She hasn’t had any decent sexual experiences in the past and thinks he can help.


The escort she employs is Michael, a Vietnamese man who's escorting in order to pay for his mother’s medical bills. The very fact of why he’s escorting was a bit clique. It’d be a change to read about someone who just did escorting because they liked sex or something, but anyway.


From this point on the novel works in alternate sections, sometimes from Michael’s perspective, sometimes Stella’s. This worked and kept the narrative from becoming stale.

The book as a whole was well enough written, if not stylistically unique. There were very few descriptive passages outside of the bedroom, of which there was a lot. I’m somewhat of a minority here when I say it was too much. There were continual sex scenes when what I really wanted was plot. However, I did know what I was getting into with this, so that’s really my fault.


There wasn’t much plot and what there was was predictable, if entertaining. If you want a sexy summer read this would definitely do it for you. There just wasn’t enough substance for me.


The best element was how Autism was handled, so it gets an extra half-star for that.