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Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions - Johann Hari

If you decide to pursue happiness in the United States or Britain you pursue it for yourself-because you think that's how it works. You do what I did most of the time: you get stuff for yourself, you rack up achievement for yourself , you build up your your own ego. But if you consciously pursue happiness in Russia or Japan or China, you do something quite different. You try to make things better for your group-for the people around you.These are fundamentally conflicting visions of what it means to become happier. And it turns out-for all the reasons I described earlier-that our Western version of happiness doesn't actually work-whereas the collective vision of happiness does.


This means only one thing, we need to change our perspective of life and all it's inner workings. Reject mainstream ideology if you really want to be happy. Oh, and read this book! It's a fantastic place to start.