Cheer Up Love by Susan Calman

Cheer Up Love: Adventures in depression with the Crab of Hate - Susan Calman

I just finished this, but I won't be leaving a full review of it because there isn't much to say apart from it was funny, searingly honest and very important. If you suffer from depression you could do a lot worse than read this book.


I was initially attracted by the title (cheer up, love), because I've had the annoying experience of people telling me to cheer up when I just wanted to be left alone. I'm talking on the street here. It's written by a Scottish comedian who suffers from depression herself, or the crab of hate as she calls it.


Each chapter is centred around a theme, be it therapy, sexuality etc. Susan tells us her own experience of each particular theme, woven around her wit and personal outlook on life..


It was a light book about a serious topic with some excellent advise on depression. 


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