Ahhh! My post keeps disappearing! This is so infuriating. I’m having to write this in a word document then copy and paste it into a post. What I’m trying to post about (if the site will let me), is that everything has gone wonky since the supposed ‘fix’ last Tuesday. Ever since Booklikes worked on things I’ve been experiencing problems and they keep getting worse. Apart from my tabs, which are functional again. I took a few days away in the hope that I’d come back and things were better, but it’s the opposite. I can’t get the comment tab at the bottom of posts to open and when I do, if I type a comment it’s deleted when I’m part of the way through. My dashboard isn’t working either. I have to constantly refresh to see new posts, rather than hit the button for new ones, as per before. Is anyone else having these problems? I just wanted to let you all know and apologise for not being around much lately. I don’t think I’ll be around much for a while if this continues.