Hi everyone. I hope you're all keeping well.


I wanted to let you know that since I've been home from the music festival in England (where I had the BEST time) I've realised what's important and that I need to put my health at the top of my priorities. Even though, like I said, I had a great time, it did exhaust me and I need to start rebuilding myself. For the longest time I couldn't admit how tired I am most of the time, but in order to get better I need to start taking care of myself.


With that in mind I wanted to let you all know I'll be taking some time out from reviewing. I want to spend what little time of the day I feel energised finishing off my novel, with the goal of releasing it early next year.


I'm going to mostly be listening to audio books and I'll update on them and post short reviews, but I find it too much of a slog to write an intricate review.


I'll still be here, be posting on all your updates, but I'll be taking a bit of a back seat when it comes to everything else.


I hope you're all reading some fantastic books and I can't wait to get chatting again.