Connectivity problems again

Yet again my internet service is down. Aaaah!!! I'm seriously ticked off at BT (my provider). They say it'll be back up within 48 hours, but that's what they said last time and it turned out to be nearly 2 weeks! I'm currently managing to get 4G on my mobile, but who knows how long that'll last. I can't compile proper posts with my phone, so I'll keep all my reviews back until I'm up and running again.


I finished Of Mice and Men this morning (amasing!) and rolled the dice on my phone. I'd just (the day before) received a book in the mail that I have to read for my book club (The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas) and was hoping it'd fit my next booklikes-opoly square, but of course it didn't. I rolled a double, so I actually had 2 chances for it to fit, but it didn't go on either square. Typical! I decided just to read it anyway, so I'll get back to booklikes-opoly when I'm done. I'll try and keep up with you all as much as possible.