Booklikes-Opoly roll 7

I had a great time reading Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy yesterday and seconds after I set my kindle down I bolted over to my laptop and rolled again. Here's the rsults:


This took me to Main Street station 3:


Read a book that involves a trip acoss the United States or that has a national monument on the cover


After about, hmmm, 3 hours (what can I say, I love browsing for what to read next) I had a few options for this and a bit more fun when I used a number generator which picked this book:



I was unsure about whether it fit the road trip theme, but it's on listopia (on GR) as being a road trip novel. Okay, so they don't technically take a trip in the novel but they've just come off one at the start. That's okay isn't it? *fingers crossed*