Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona -  Noelle Stevenson

I really enjoyed Nimona. I’d heard about in a couple of top books of 2016 vlogs. The first few chapters are available online and I loved the interaction between the two main characters so went out and bought it.


Ballister Blackheart is your typical superhero, a man who went rouge from ‘the institution’. One day Nimona turns up at Ballister’s residence and says she wants to be his sidekick. He refuses her offer at first, but once he discovers she’s a shapeshifter he decides it would be good to have her on side. So their relationships begins and the more we get to know them the more their differences become apparent, but is the very thing that sets them apart. Nimona is all about magic and fantasy, whereas Ballister is concerned with fact and logic. Their relationship was indicative of human beings own tustle between left and right brain. What was so captivating about this was that a very human problem was related in a superhero setting.


No superhero would be complete without an antagonist, in this case Sir Goldenloins! Every time I saw that name in print I had to laugh! Sir Goldenloins and Ballister have some history together which we discover a little of and becomes eve more interesting towards the end. We don’t find out the definitive details which I think are being left for a follow-up. At various points I got this feeling that there was more to come or be fleshed out, so I’m looking forward to that.


The story was an intriguing one. Basically Ballister, who was previously on side with the institution, is now fighting them. Apart from a couple of unique details it was a stock story line that was really all about the characters. Each character was distinct and had their own quirks and backstory. The star was Nimona though. She was snarky without being too much, really funny and had a vulnerability that made her relateable.


The artwork was simple but distinctive. I haven’t been reading graphic novels for long so don’t feel qualified to give much of an assessment of the artwork aside from that.

Even though this hasn’t left much of an impression on me I did really enjoy it and hope to see some more of Nimona.