NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Today I've been feeling even crapper than yesterday, so I didn't get much written. I didn't make it to the Belfast write-in either, but there are plenty more coming up. I did however manage 821 words and got my first chapter finished! I'm very happy about that, even if I didn't write loads. I don't think I'll write anymore today because I'm feeling so tired, but I'm going to spend loads of time blasting at my keyboard this weekend, so I'll make it up. Also, I have to go to Dublin in the next week or two and the train journey (over two hours each way) will be a great opportunity to write. 

I never actually told you all what my novels about, did I? In Britain we are the subject of austerity and disabled people, of which I am a part of myself, are one of the groups being hit the hardest. I believe this is wrong. What kind of country makes it's most vulnerable carry the burden of the national debt? I aim to highlight this in my novel and will give you more updates soon.