Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire



My first book (well, novella) has been completed! It was read for the 'scary women authors' square. I finished it yesterday, but I like to leave it a day before writing the review so the book and themes settle.


Every Heart a Doorway was a bit of a strange one. It’s a dark fairy tale about all the children who slip through the cracks and wind up in another world. These worlds take many forms. Nancy’s (the protagonist) was a sort of land of the dead where she had to remain very still most of the time. The thing that all these children have in common is their desire to go back to the worlds they inhabited briefly. The house that Nancy arrives in at the beginning of the book is a place that parents can send their children to if they’re having difficulty reintegrating with the natural world. The main goal of this home is to help the children accept that they may never return to the world they slipped too. It’s also a place where they’re believed instead of told their fantasists.


I can’t say that I really enjoyed this, I didn’t feel an emotional connection to any of the characters and I would have needed a bit more description to really connect to the worlds the children pinned for. At times I felt an emotional sting when I realised how much the children missed their alternative worlds and this helped me connect a bit more.


It was an interesting little book in consideration of the array of themes that were hinted at. None of them were really explored at all, but things like gender issues got a firm nod.


Essentially this was a mystery, a whodunit, which was nothing special, but woven satisfactorily with the idea of other worlds.Not a bad book at all, just one I didn’t connect with.