Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell

Kindred Spirits - Rainbow Rowell

There’s no picture for this one, but it’s Rainbow Rowell’s new short story, which was released for World Book day. Just in case anyone doesn’t know, on World Book day a load of authors in the U.K release short stories and novellas, proceeding to sell them for a £1 each. Apparently this story won’t be available in the U.S until 2017!! Sorry, all you American friends of mine.


This story was about Star Wars!! Well, a girl who loves Star Wars. I’m a fan of Star Wars myself so was pretty excited to read it. Apparently Rowell wasn’t planning to write a story about a girl who loves Star Wars, rather a story about someone who’s part of a fandom and celebrates everything possible with that fandom. I loved Fangirl (another book by Rowell) and this sounded like it was going to fall within the parameters of that book, so right away I was psyched to read it.


The story centres on Elena, a huge Star Wars fan who decides to queue up outside her local cinema from a few days in advance of opening night of the new film. She thinks there’ll be huge crowds of people there all celebrating their love of Star Wars together, but instead there’s only two other’s and the reality of the situation is quite different from what she imagined.


This story was fun to read and the anticipation of opening night of the film really helped propel my engagement. The theme of fandom is one I really like because it represents so much, such as connection, identity and friendship. It didn’t fail to deliver, either, and managed to just lightly touch on these important themes. The ending was hilarious and was nearly worth it just for that. Of course, as it’s Rowell, it was very well written with expertly fleshed out characters.


All-in-all a really good short story that’s left me in dire need of another Rowell hit.