Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway

Audrey, Wait! - Robin Benway

Audrey, Wait was a really fun and light-hearted read. It was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad I picked it up.

The plot, which really just served to frame the terrific characters around, was about Audrey Cuttler, a teenage girl who’s going out with Evan, a member of a local band called the Do-Gooders, who are doing quite well on the local scene. At the beginning of the book Audrey dumps Evan and within a ridiculously short space of time (a few hours later) his band performs a song based on their break-up. I kinda wondered if he saw the break up coming and had the tune ready!? The song, called Audrey, Wait (obviously) does really well and Audrey is reluctantly catapulted to fame. She literally can’t do anything without it being reported in the local gossip columns. Her picture is being taken with her new boyfriend and anyone she knows is being offered money to spill the gossip on her. Audrey doesn’t react enthusiastically to being thrust into the spotlight and everything culminates when she appears on live T.V determined to set the record straight.


Like I said, the plot was secondary to the characters and believe me, they were great characters. Audrey was unique, witty and generally all-round fun. She loved music and frequently blew out her car stereo speakers and rocked out to mix CD’s. Her friend Victoria, and don’t for the love of God call her Vicky  (don’t ask me why but it really pissed her off) was the perfect yang to Audreys ying. She set her off perfectly and helped propel the tone of the novel which was often laugh-out-loud funny. Every character had enough defining qualities to make them unique, but never too much or over the top. It wasn’t without its life lessons either as we saw Audrey grow over the course of the book. The only characters that felt a bit stereotypical were Audrey’s parents, but they didn’t feature too heavily.


I guess if I really tried to criticise this novel I could say that the plot was a bit weak, but in my opinion the characters more than made up for it, as did the fun and general awesomeness.