Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns - John Green

This was the first book by John Green that I’ve ever read and I’m so glad that I did. The writing flowed effortlessly and it was so easy to sink into. I wish I’d been able to concentrate a bit better and absorb more, but that just means I’ll be more eager for a re-read at some stage.


So much of the narrative resonated with me and it was exactly what I needed to hear, like this line,


It’s so hard for anyone to show us how we look, and so hard for us to show anyone how we feel


The story was centred on a search for the missing teen Margo Roth Spiegelman. This search was initiated by Quentin Jacobson after him and Margo spent the night together completing a number of stunts she had planned. Quentin has a bit of a crush on Margo and when she goes missing he’s driven to find her. The majority of the book then revolves around the search for Margo.


There isn’t much to say about this YA novel except that it was fun, easy to read and a nice distraction from what I had going on at the time.


As much as Margo was a bit annoying, she and every other character was very authentic and believable.


The best part of the novel, in my opinion, was when Quentin and Margo spent the night together. After that it was good and kept my attention, but wasn’t quite as interesting. I mean, how interesting can a search for a troubled teen really be?


If you’re looking or a nice light and easy read, this is the book for you. There weren’t any real surprises to speak of, but I was reading it more in the hope of feeling a bit better and it definitely delivered on that score.