Zen for Beginners by Dominique Francon

Zen: For Beginners! - The Ultimate Zen Guide To a Happier, Simpler, More Fulfilling Buddhism Inspired Lifestyle (Buddhism, Buddha, Meditation, Zen, Simple ... Yoga, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Simplify) - Dominique Francon

I’ve decided that Zen Buddhism is the way forward for me. The focus in this is all on the person doing it and harnessing the power of their own mind, rather than any higher being. In that way, it instantly appealed to me because I feel very strongly that we all have the innate potential to transform our lives.


This is the second book by the author that I’ve read, the previous being an introduction to Buddhism that I put up a review for here. Like that book, this too was quite a short read at less than a hundred pages. It was was a good starting point and I plan to build on it.


Like the other introductory guide, this one looked at the roots of Buddhism, but instead considered how the Zen form began and how it can be incorporated into everyday life. Like the other book, this one focused largely on meditation and provided pictures to aid with the sitting position while undertaking this.


There was quite a bit of repetition in the book, largely when it came to meditation, so I did skip quite a bit because I’d read it a few days before. I loved learning about Zen Buddhism though and enjoyed the bits that talked about how to incorporate this philosophy into daily life.


A good starting point if you’re interested in Zen Buddhism, I’d recommend picking this up, but it’s really only a starting point so you’ll need to investigate further.