Buddhism for Beginners by Dominique Francon

Buddhism: For Beginners! The Ultimate Guide To Incorporate Buddhism Into Your Life - A Buddhism Approach For More Energy, Focus, And Inner Peace - Dominique Francon

This was a nice introduction to Buddhism. A short read at 98 pages it was a brief but an interesting insight into a way of life that I hope to adopt.


To begin with, we are introduced to the roots of Buddhism and how it’s transformed over the years. We learn about things like the eight Nobel truths and it’s all done in a way that’s easily digestible and never hard to understand. We aren’t given too much information, just enough to get a glimpse into this life.


The main focus of this book is on the power of meditation, a fundamental core of Buddhism. The book didn’t need to convince me about that because I already know what power it holds. I was meditating for about 2 months when memories from my childhood were unlocked and my life was completely changed. Now that I’ve come out of my memory ‘funk’ and accepted things I refused to before, my life is already a hundred times better. I really urge everyone to try it. I know I’ll keep it up for the rest of my life. Pictures are provided to aid in your position when meditating, as well.


Yoga is mentioned, albeit briefly, as is the idea of Karma and rebirth


This book is really just an introduction to Buddhism but hopefully if you read it you’ll want to explore further, as I already have.