Reading progress update: I've read 58 out of 192 pages.

A Gift from Bob: How a Street Cat Helped One Man Learn the Meaning of Christmas - James   Bowen

I absolutely love cats and started reading about James and his cat, Bob, back in 2012 when he released the first of four books about his life on the streets of London. He was homeless for a time and became addicted to heroine. He first met Bob the cat when he came upon him in the stairwell of his home and he helped him move forward in life. Maybe it sounds a bit soppy, but I swear, they're brilliant books!


This book is about the last christmas they spent together before the publication of his first book and if your looking for a light and heartwarming read, I'd wholeheartedly recommend you read their books, starting with the first, A Street Cat Named Bob.


Oh and just thought I'd add, I'll post all reviews of my recent reads really soon...promise!