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Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea - Barbara Demick

 Virtually every page mentions some bizarre fact. Here's the most recent one I've come across,


















     A first-grade math book contained the following questions:


        "A girl is acting as a messenger to our patriotic

         troops during the war against the Japanese

         occupation. She carries messages in a basket

         containing five apples, but is stopped by a

         Japanese soldier at a checkpoint. He steals

         two of her apples. How many are left?"


         Talk about brain-washing against

         the Japanese!




    Here's another one:


        "Three soldiers from the Korean People's Army

         killed thirty American soldiers. How many American

         soldiers  were killed by each of them if they all

         killed an equal number of enemy soldiers?"


         These are little children! They shouldn't be

         exposed to this kind of thing!