Hi everyone,


I thought a blog would be a great way to exchange book recommendations as I love reading and writing reviews. I've also started putting pen to paper, and have recently completed a creative writing course. Maybe you'll be reading one of my books down the line!?


If you want to share about what you're reading, or anything at all for that matter, let loose and go for it!

24 Festive Tasks Door 2: Japenese Culture Day

Task 4: If you like Japanese food, treat yourself to a favorite dish.


Last night before I met my writing friends I went to a Japanese restaurant called Wagamama and had a vegan Katsu curry. It's comprised of Katsu sauce, fried aubergine and sweet potato and came with sticky rice and a side salad. It was lovely.






24 Festive Tasks Door 3: Melbourne Cup Day

Task 2: Roses are the official flower of Flemington Race Track; write your own "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" poem for one of your favorite or most hated books of all time.


This poem isn't for my overall favourite book of the years, but one of my favourite thirllers. Here we go...


Roses are red, violets are blue, that house was so creepy

but the twist I saw through!




24 Festive Tasks Door 23: Hogswatch

Task 1: Glingleglingleglingle: if you could wish any kind of god(dess) or fairy into existence, what would they be in charge of?


I'm going to try and do at least 1 challenge a day, so here goes with this one.


My fairy would be in charge of all things writing related and subsequently finish my new book and write my philosophy essay that's due on Thursday!


24 Festive Tasks Door 20: Christmas

Task 1: Share a picture of your holiday decorations.


I did this task last year with the exact same tree! I've had it on my balcony for the past year and even though I wouldn't say it's grown, at least it's not dead....yet!


My boyfriend decorated the tree today and Percy the penguin (who I recently bought because he's so damn cute and I couldn't leave him on the shelf) is keeping guard next to it. We don't go in for Christmas at all so this'll probably be the extent of our decorations.



Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

Gaudy Night - Dorothy L. Sayers

I really want to get back to this and in a few weeks I will, but right now I'm using up a lot of mental energy in regards to study (and I'm very fatigued), so I need something that doesn't require much thought. With that in mind I'm reading a romance and Circe by Madeline Miller. They're both perfect for how I'm feeling right now, but I hope I get back to this before the year is out.








Nanowrimo 2019: Day 26

Unfortunately my health was suffering too much so I had to quit nanowrimo for this year. I get exhausted really easily, which leads to ill health and between this and my studies, something had to give, And lets be honest, my degree is much more important than nano. I've won the last 2 years, so I'm not as pissed as I would have been otherwise. I would love to be normal and healthy and have been able to do it, but I'm just not and I accept that. Hopefully my health will improve in the coming months and it'll turn out that not being able to complete nano this year was a factor in motivating me to get better. I'm going to go to the remaining nano events in Belfast, though and hopefully reach 35K. Thanks for the support everyone.



Currently reading

To The Lions by Holly Watt
Middle England by Jonathan Kellerman
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Verity by Colleen Hoover
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I Still Dream by James Smythe
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Miracle Creek by Angie Kim
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Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers
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